PROTOTYPES SECTION 06 – Fall/Winter 2024″

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This season, Prototypes has launched Series 06, an authentic collection for the beautiful game. It’s all about harking back to football’s community-spirit origin story, right as it faces the glossy wave of gentrification in the UK’s grassroots arenas.

Series 06 upcycles old tracksuits and football tops into a new kit. It’s not just gear; it’s a statement uniform signalling a commitment to circular fashion. Because let’s face it, in the retail game, sportswear’s a quick sub in and out when the next season drops—a perfect play for the upcycling game.

The crew at Prototypes isn’t just flexing a throwback vibe; they’re dialling into the soul of the local footy culture for FW2024. They’ve scouted the unsung heroes—your groundskeeper, the kitman, even the gaffer and the up-and-comers—for inspo. By sidestepping the easy win of lifting looks for likes, they’re crafting the real deal.

With Series 06, it’s more than a nod to football’s roots—think of it as a full-on homage with a slick modern twist. Betsy Johnson, a talented photographer, captures the essence of a local English club. Plus, Prototypes is suiting up the club’s women’s squad with sponsor-style swag.

Prototypes is a Swiss upcycling brand that has been in business since 2021. Its eco-warriors Laura Beham & Callum Pidgeon, who were both Vetements stars, have helped turn deadstocks into must-haves. When it comes to styling up Yeezy’s line, this outfit has been steering Yee’s design ship since 2023, with a hand in kitting out Bianca Censori and Ye’s day-to-day wear. Prototypes aren’t just playing the game; they’re changing it.

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