Opening credits of ‘True detective: Night Country: All the clues you might have missed

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True DetectiveThere have always been strange symbols and clues hidden in the show. Night CountryThere is no exception.

The Putting Aside of the SpiralsThen, there is the Lost-style Polar bear sightingsThe opening sequence is backed by Billie Eilish. The opening sequence of Nic Pizzolatto’s show features a jumbled image that is relevant to the series. This time, it’s themed around a dark and snowy rural road, as Eilish’s 2019 atmospheric hit. “bury a friend”. plays.

While we’re thinking about our post-ep burning questionsLet’s dissect these images. What do we see in 90 seconds and how could they be relevant to the plot?

True Detective: Night CountryOpening sequence: Possible clues

Full bathtub

This is the first thing that we see along the snowy road. Inside it, a dark fluid is sloshing. Water or Blood? Like many of the things on this list, it’s tricky to know if the tub is a sign of something to come – does someone die in a bath, for instance? – or just a metaphor for something.

An orange

There’s an Orange rolling along the road. Isn’t that a little odd? The same orange reappears in peel form in a later sequence, floating under water. In episode 3, Navarro finds an orange that has been thrown by a local hired to search for Clark. She hears a voice telling her to “help us” as the orange rolls towards her. In episode 4 the orange returns again, rolling out from under the bed in the institution where Navarro’s sister Julia (Aka Niviâna) is staying. Julia steps back in horror when she looks under the bed and sees a dead women with a necklace of a silver crucifix (the same necklace Navarro had seen in an episode earlier). She dies later in the episode by suicide.

A stuffed bear with only one eye, sitting on a chair and a real bear with only one eye

Polar bears with one-eyed eyes are a common theme., aren’t they? In episode one, Chief Liz Danvers’ (Jodie) stuffed toy bear is found in her house. She seems to associate it with a disturbing memory. Meanwhile, Detective Evangeline Navarra (Kali Reis), while driving through the town, sees what appears to be a real polar-bear. You can see them both in the opening credit.

Figures frozen and dead emerging from the ice

The dead figures are the ones we see at the beginning of the first episode. CorpsicleDanvers and officer Peter Prior are tasked to dig out of the ice. It’s the team that went missing from the Tsalal Arctic Research Station.

A Tsalal Arctic Research Station Sign that reads “operation in progress”.

Tsalal is the show’s first main setting — the place where Danvers begins her investigation into the missing scientists. The series is centered around the fictional Alaskan city of Ennis. However, the research station is mentioned in the main credits and the station itself has a bigger role to play.

Nothing is more unsettling than an abandoned station of research.
Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO

A woman sinking beneath the ice

Is it a foreshadowing to something that will happen on the show, or is it just a metaphor. Tricky to say at this stage, but we can hazard a guess as to who the woman is — she’s wearing a coat with an APF (Alaska Police Force) patch on the shoulder, so it seems likely she’s with the police. Danvers?

A deer skull floating underwater

Could this be a sarcastic reference to those poor animals that went crashing down the ice-cliff in the first scene of episode 1, apparently driven mad by The long night is coming?

Bloody clothes on the washing line

This image could refer to a crime scene.

Windscreens that are cracked

A short shot is taken through the splintered windshield of a house, with a car parked beside it. The house is not very interesting, but the broken glass could be important. Will one of your characters be involved in a car wreck on the snowy roads? Or has there been an accident before?

Lots of tubes on shelves

These are the cylindrical tubes Danvers finds in episode 1. In episode 2, Bryce, a geology teacher (Donnie Keshawarz), tells the police chief that the scientists were using cylindrical tubes. Ice coringThe DNA sequence of an extinct microorganism could stop cellular decay. Bryce explained that the project was very difficult due to a variety of factors, such as the extraction process. Maybe the research that the scientists are doing will be important in the future?

Grave markers

We see multiple crucifixes, each with a date on it, just after the evidence tubes. The crosses are marked with the date 2023. These graves are most likely graves.

A protest sign

In one shot we catch a glimpse of two protest signs, one of which clearly states “protect our water”. Ennis appears to be in the middle of an environmental battle. In episode 3, we witness activists gathered to announce another stillbirth.

A police officer stands in a laboratory.

The laboratory is the key location.
Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO

A laboratory

Presumably it is part of Tsalal Arctic Research Station.

A curved archway along the road

Are those…bones?

A deer

There’s a deer that has glowing eyes! Could this be an underwater version of the poor deer whose remains float?

A circular hatch floating underwater

No idea but it seems likely to be connected with the research station.

The opening credits are always changed.

The last frame of the first episode was not the same as the last frame of the second episode! We’re thinking of the last frame in the True Detective: Night CountryEach episode’s opening credits reveal a key location for the next episode. We’re tracking all of them here:

Episode 1: The Inside of an Ice Cave

After a flash of skeletons embedded within the ice, the final shot is a quick trip into an icy tunnel. Is it a real place in the show or is it merely an atmospheric tracking shot. At the end of episode 3 we see a video of Annie’s final moments, and she appears to be in an underground ice cave — so it seems like this icy tunnel from the episode 1 credits may where she was killed.

Episode 2: A creepy shrine wall of lights and photos

In episode 2, Danvers, Navarro, and the other characters find their way into the trailer of missing scientist Raymond Clark (which can be seen in the opening credit sequence). The trailer is filled with fabric weaves, a wall of yarn, photographs, and a The ceiling is covered in a giant spiral. It’s a crucial discovery, which is shown at the end of episode 2’s opening credits. Danvers and Navarro believe that Clark, who was missing from the corpsicle and has a connection to Annie, is alive and well.

Episode 3: Fishing hut on ice.

The guy Navarro is seeing in the show, Eddie Qavvik (Joel D Montgrand), has a fishing hut out on the ice — a blue house with red trim and a wreath. This is where we see the last shot of the episode three opening credits. Will it be important in the future?

Episode 4: Car on the Ice

On the ice we can see a car with its lights on. The ice is covered with a variety of objects, some of which are difficult to distinguish. However, the final object is a winter coat. We can’t say for sure, but this looks like the coat Otis Heiss (Klaus Tang) is wearing when Danvers finds him — the same pink coat that was worn by Raymond Clark, and previously belonged to Annie.

How to watch: True Detective Airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO/Max.

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