My 12 Favorite Winter Art Lessons!

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Need some fun art lessons for winter? Here ya go!

Hello, art teachers and art lovers!

Today I will share with you my most favorite WINTER lesson! Here, we’re just starting to feel the cooler temperatures with winter approaching. What better time for you to incorporate it in your art teaching world?

So, I present to YOU my favorite winter lessons – ALL FREE! You can find the videos, handouts, and lessons by clicking on the links listed next to each lesson. Please feel free to use these in your art classroom, but please give credit when you post them on social media. Please do not repackage or sell my lessons through TPT. You are probably thinking “Cassie! People do that?!?” 

YESSSS! All the Time! SMH.

Anyway, let’s get started!

If you’re looking for a lesson that takes a long time (sometimes, this can be a positive thing), then Snow Globes is the right choice. This Snow Globes is the perfect lesson for you! It’s a hit with the kids! Drawing buildings is the favorite part, but we also do lots of painting and, contrary to my custodian’s protests we do break out the glitter. Here is the complete lesson with video!

This lesson could be completely shortened if you used less paint! You could use colored construction paper or copypaper instead of the paper we painted to draw on.

The lesson that I teach most often to teachers and students alike is the Jen Aranyi is the inspiration for this piece! You can find both a video and a handout by clicking the link! 

You’ll notice that we’re working on cardboard circles…one my favorite surfaces. You can get cardboard circles at your local grocery store. I buy mine from Gordon Food Services, where they come in different sizes. I like Circle King.

You know how you “live and learn”? After doing this lesson and other lessons involving “black glu” I’m going show you a much easier and quicker way to get black glue’s effect without making it. 

Don’t make black adhesive. Seriously. If you don’t hate yourself or have too much time on your hands, then you should avoid it. It’s the worst, and there’s a much better way!

Use black washable markers to draw the trees. I prefer Prang markers (always! I’m telling you! Use ELMER’S GLUE (never School Glue) to trace over the black lines. Overnight the waterbased marker will mix with the glue and create… a black glue line. Do you not believe me? This blog post includes a video that explains the process. 

Now that I’ve shared some lessons with you, let’s focus on kindergarten and the first grade. Here’s a lesson that I have done for many years! I love it because teachers value it. Students create tints to represent the snow and shade the sky. We also practice our cutting abilities with collage. Learn the whole lesson here

Okay, kindergarten!

Winter Penguins is a super popular lesson I taught to my first graders. Here you can find all of the details including a short video. 

We start off with a painting lesson and warm and cool colours. Details below. The first graders painted warm colors on the paper, while the kindergarteners did cool colors. We talked A LOT ABOUT holding our paintbrushes, and brush control. 

We created these adorable penguins by using my favorite art supply: the bingo dauber. The lesson contains all the details, so make sure to check it out.

Here’s some cute kindergarten stuff! The same method was used for the first grade project, except we did snowmen. Video of the entire lesson is available here. 

We added color to our snowmen by using chalk. 

Have you got that one class that is ahead?What about the rest of it? Well, here ya go!

Want to try your hand at some printmaking? This is a favorite with my second graders. No ink? No problem! Click the link to learn how to make prints with markers!

What a fun and easy way to take winter selfies.

You must love a quick, effective art lesson.!

If you’ve been dying to use your Gelli Plates, now is the time.Here’s the sign. And your lesson!

We took it a step further and printed on fabric, then stitched them into banners. But…let’s face it: how many people have sewing machines? You can do this with a group of friends or just enjoy the process!

You all are always appreciated for your support!

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