How to make Superheroes using Infinite Craft

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You may have already figured out that Infinite Craft allows you to create a wide variety of strange and wonderful things. We have already looked at Create life and humansWe discovered that you can Make MonstersRecently, we have been looking at How to make disastersWe found out that we can also make the stars in the movie Titanic.

If we want to create monsters that will attack the cities and towns that we have created, we’ll also need to create some brave protectors. So let’s have a look at how we can generate some superheroes.

Making Superman & Batman in Infinite Craft

You will have realized by now that this game is crazy if you have played along so far. For starters it’s free – who does that these days? It’s surprising we don’t need to pay a microtransaction just to get Godzilla.

Anyway, to get some comic book heroes and heroines you need to tread a certain path so let’s have a look starting with the Caped Crusader, Superman himself.

We need to create Superman first. We need to create the City resource. You need to create the following to get to a City.

Earth + Wind = Dust

Water + Dust = Mud

Mud + Mud = Clay

Clay + Clay = Brick

Brick + Brick = Wall

Bricks + Wall = House

House + Town =

House + Town = City

We are almost there. Next step, mix Metropolis = Metropolis + City

Now that sounds like Superman’s kinda place. Take the Human we created on the other side and mix it with Metropolis. We now have Superman.

Now for Wonder Woman – take Superman + Eve = Wonder Woman. Easy.

Another? Let’s do Batman who is a little more complex.

Moon + Priest = werewolf

Werewolf + city = Vampire

Wonder Woman + Vampire = Batman.

Don’t ask us why the above is Wonder Woman, but if you mix Superman + Vampire you will generate Justice League.

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