Cassie Stephens: Pay it Forward Plants

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I’ve always wanted to be an expert on plants. After many plants died under my care, I figured I wasn’t a plant person. A sweet friend gave me a Spider Plant. It grew and thrived. I was so happy! 

Then it had babies.

The next thing you know I’ve got pots upon pots of spider plant! While I love them, this many plants is just too much for me to maintain. Some of the new babies would not be able stay. But I couldn’t just throw them away. 

So I have an idea…

I decided to turn all the yogurt and plastic containers that we recycle into temporary planters. It was a lot of fun making these, and I used some of the extra bits and bobs that I had lying around. 

I made little signs and glued them to popsicle stick. I then stuck them in the dirt.

I wrote down brief instructions just in case someone is a newbie to plants. I named each one because…why? Who wouldn’t want to grow a plant named Rosie?! Each one was named after a grandmother of mine. 

I thought about where I would leave these plants. I frequently go to the Post Office to drop book orders. I often see people who are not in a good mood. I love my post office friends, but everyone else looks like they’d rather be doing other things. I also meet a number of older friends…who appear to be a little lonely. We talk a lot. I think that they would enjoy a plant. 

I decided to leave some of them at the post office for someone to find and love. 

I left some outside of a popular shopping center for moms and children to find. Perhaps a fun project they can do together.

I was worried sick about these plants for the rest the day! Next time, I might add my social media to the mix so they can all be shared…and that I know how much they are enjoying their new home.

I am looking forward to doing this again. I wanted to share this in case you too have too many plants friends!

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