Another Game of Thrones prequel show just took a big step forward

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Dragons are returning to the world Game of Thrones.
Image: HBO

Game of ThronesIt’s likely to go back into time again. One spinoff of the hit HBO fantasy show is a big step forward. A Discussed previouslyThe prequel to the show that follows Aegon’s Conquest of WesterosThe earliest known occurrence of the event is approximately 100 years ago House of the Dragon, and 300 Years Before Game of ThronesJust picked up a brand new writer.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Mattson Tomlin, who co-wrote the upcoming The Batman Part IIThe Keanu Reeves version is also available KRZRKRYou can also find out more about the following: Mega Man, has joined the series.

What does it mean? It’s unclear. But adding an in-demanded writer like Tomlin is more than we’ve heard about other rumored Game of ThronesShows like the Jon Snow sequel.

As for what Aegon’s Conquest entails, it’s kind of the quintessential Game of Thrones story. Aegon I is also known as Aegon the Conqueror. “had a vision of the White Walkers overtaking the continent, which spurred him to gather his family and their dragons to unite Westeros so it would be ready to face the threat—and so a Targaryen would be sitting on the Iron Throne when it came,”As per our previous article. Aegon was also the one who created the Iron Throne, literally, from all the swords defeated enemies.

The trade reports suggest that this show could be a more important event than the previous one. “back to basics”George R.R. Martin universe. It’s an oddly vague term. But in the context of House of the DragonMaybe it means a little less “family drama”And more “fly your dragons around and kill people.”

HBO has animated this story before if you want to know more. Find out more here.

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