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AI is a word that means “I am” The global phenomenon of has been sweeping over the world in recent years. These new AI art creators are hard to miss, regardless of whether you’re an artist or not. These apps and sites are like magic. They can produce art with just a single prompt. Art generators can produce anything from realistic images, to anime. They may seem scary, but it’s worth checking them out.


This blog will introduce to you several websites and apps that can be used to create artwork online. You can compare the artwork generated by these apps if they are given the exact same prompt. We’ll check to see if there is any difference between free apps and websites compared to paid AI Art.

This article is aimed at those who are interested AI and want to learn how apps or websites generate images out of thin air.

Dream by Wombo

Dream is our first AI art creator website. Dream used to be completely free, but recently added AI video creation and several other things like multiple output options and styles. If you don’t care about these features and can wait a little while, Dream may be the best choice for you.


You can see the results of the same art command given to all AI-generators below. We gave the command ” A delivery boy with green hair and 3 swords fighting a dragon“. Dream did an amazing work on this image. Check it out.


The only downside to Dream is that you need a premium subscription. The only disadvantage of Dream is the announcement that a premium subscription will be available. Dream by Wombo however is one of the best AI-art generators.

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